Daily Update: 18 juli 1943 – The Year In Review

Vroeger, lang geleden, had men geen nieuws op de televisie. Dan ging je naar de bioscoop en kreeg je daar in de voorfilmpjes geen trailer van nieuwe films, maar updates over de oorlog of andere zaken die in het land speelden. In Groot-Brittannië kenden ze de zogenaamde ‘The Year In Review’. Het interessante aan de beelden is dat het achteraf allemaal minder .. rooskleurig bleek te zijn dan men toen dacht.

Hieronder is een dergelijk fragment uit het jaar 1943:

Hoogtepunten uit dit fragment?


The last words from the famous ‘They’re Going to Get It’ speech delivered by American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to America congress. Several shots of the photo shoot during a conference between Britain’s Prime Minster Winston Churchill and American President Roosevelt in Casablanca – military heads standing behind the leaders.


Close up shot of the Union Jack being raised in Tripoli. Several shots of the people cheering the 8th Army troops moving through the streets. Several shots of the Libyan military heads surrender to General Bernard Montgomery, crowds cheering. Monty riding in a jeep along lines of his troops.

Churchill leaving a plane on his arrival to North Africa and is greeted by Monty, large army crowd around.


Various shots of the Red Army troops advancing and fighting through the streets of Stalingrad. Several shots, some good close up shots, of German Field Marshal Paulus after surrender to Russians. Red banner flying over the city.


Several shots of the celebration of 25th anniversary of Royal Air Force, troops, planes, fly past, Battle of Britain footage (air battles, bombs being dropped) etc. Several shots of the American bombers’ daytime raids on Germany.


Various shots of the Battle of the Bismarck Sea with Royal Australian Air Force and American Air Force planes in action. Japanese fleet as well as air force suffered severe losses.


Several shots of a great Allied army parade which marked occupation of Tunis. Generals Eisenhower, Giraud, Alexander and Anderson are standing at dais. Various shots of the King George VI chatting with troops during his visit to North Africa. King driving in open car with troops cheering from both sides of the road.


Several shots of the Allied fleet during invasion of Sicily – sea battle. Barges filled with troops embarking to Sicily. Montage of shots of Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini who has lost his power.


Various shots of the formations of planes flying over sea accompanying ships convoy. Convoys are much safer when crossing the Atlantic due to severe Nazi U-boats losses. Several shots of the allied aircraft raids of occupied territories in Western Europe – including Berlin.


Several shots of Churchill, Roosevelt and Canada’s Prime Minister MacKenzie King, surrounded by several other politicians and military men as they pose to photographers during Quebec conference.

Various shots of the troops walking down gangplank during Allied invasion of the mainland Italy. General Montgomery waving to the men.

Close up shot of American General Dwight Eisenhower who broadcasted Italian capitulation to the world. People are seen gathered around a radio (wireless) listening to the broadcast. Several shots of the surrendered Italian fleet sailing to Allied ports for take-over.


Various shots of the British troops entering the city of Naples. Various shots of the repatriated British prisoners of war arriving to British port – some wounded some suffering, but all smiling.


Various shots of the fights on Russian front during Red Army offensive against Germans – artillery firing, troops advancing, street fights etc. Russians have pushed Germans only fifty miles from the old Polish border. Various shots of the Australian troops fighting Japanese in the jungles of South Pacific.


Several shots of the Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek, President Roosevelt, Prime Minster Churchill and Mrs Chiang as they pose to the press during Cairo conference where the military plans to end the war are discussed.

©British Pathé


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